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Fall 2021 Enhancement Day

Welcome to Enhancement Day Fall 2021

Zoom Update - use passcode: fall21 when prompted to enter the Room & Zoom for YU 203 and YU 204 concurrent sessions.

"Forward Superior"

Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Enhancement Day Fall 2021, a full-day instructional development conference for the UW-Superior community, will kick off on-campus in the Yellowjacket Union Great Room with a coffee social reunion from 8:15 – 8:45 a.m. Our morning keynote speakers are Interim Provost and VCAA Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo and AVC Harry Anderson. The day will proceed with sessions that reflect the goals of the Forward Superior Strategic Plan:

  • Culture of Engaged Learning
  • Culture of Care
  • Culture of Inclusion

The day’s program offers sessions delivered On Campus in the Yellowjacket Great Room, as well as some concurrent sessions offered via Room & Zoom.

Enhancement Day Fall 2021 Schedule-At-A-Glance

See session options, along with descriptions, locations/Zoom links in the detailed schedule to the left.



YU Great Room  

All sessions in-person  

 YU 203   

Room & Zoom  
Zoom Link YU 203   

 YU 204   

Room & Zoom  
Zoom Link YU 204   



YU Great Room   

Coffee Social  



YU Great Room   

Welcome and Introduction: “Making Connections Visible”  
Jamie White-Farnham   




YU Great Room   

Keynote: “Forward Superior”   
Interim Provost and VCAA Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo and AVC of Student Affairs Harry Anderson   


Choose Your Session:   

"Meet UWS’ New Major:   
Public Leadership & Innovation”   
Haji Dokhanchi 

Lynn Goerdt 
Jayson Iwen 

Sakib Mahmud 
Joel Sipress   


Tag: Culture of Engaged Learning   

"Mindfulness and Well-being  

in Higher Education”    

Randy Barker    

Lori Tuominen   


Tag: Culture of Care   

"Providing a ‘Test Reader’  

in an Online Course”      

Heather Kahler     


“Exploring Electronic Resources in the Jim Dan Hill Library”   



Tag: Culture of Inclusion     


Choose Your Session:   

“Culture of Engaged Learning:   
Study Away and Academic Service-Learning"   

Katelyn Baumann   
Anya Russom   


Tags: Culture of Engaged Learning, Culture of Inclusion   


“Using Mixed Modalities for Inclusive Programming”   

Allison Garver    


“Using Forage for Real-World Experiential Learning”   

Heather Rickerl   


Tags: Culture of Engaged Learning, Inclusion    

“Enhancing Course Design with Canvas Analytics”   

Natasha Schumacher   
Del Wright   

Tags: Culture of Care, Inclusion   


11:50 -12:15

                                 Lunch Pick Up on NBC Landing  



YU Great Room   

Lunchtime Panel: "How do YOU Contribute to a Culture of Inclusion?”   
Provost’s Leadership Team   


Tag: Culture of Inclusion   


Choose Your Session:   

“Experiential Learning   

Katelyn Baumann   
Emily Groves   
Jenice Meyer 
Jamie White-Farnham   


Tag: Culture of Engaged Learning   

"Academic Support: How Our UWS Educational Success Center Can Aid in Student Learning”   

Trish Oyaas    
Megan Torkildson   

Tags: Culture of Engaged Learning,   
Culture of Care  

“Community, Resources & Support:   
A Library Town Hall”    
Bring your questions!   

UW-Superior Librarians  


Tags: Culture of Care, Culture of Inclusion   


Choose Your Session:   

“Creating an 
Inclusive Syllabus” 

Nick Danz

T Leeper  

Jamie White-Farnham 


Hands on! Bring a syllabus! 


Tag: Culture of Inclusion   

"Beyond Acknowledgements: Integrating Indigenous Perspectives and Content into Courses”   

Mary Lee-Nichols   
Chantal Norrgard   
Kat Werchouski   


Tag: Culture of Inclusion   

“Becoming a Rich Content Editor 
Super-User in Canvas"   

Natasha Schumacher   
Del Wright   

Tag: Culture of Inclusion   



3:40 – 4:00  


YU Great Room   

Closing Reflective Session    
with Nate LaCoursiere