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Fall 2021 Enhancement Day

Concurrent Sessions

Choose from the following concurrent session options:

Session Option #1

"Culture of Engaged Learning: Study Away and Academic Service-Learning"

This is an On Campus Only session

Time: 11-11:50 a.m.

Attendance Location: On-campus; Yellowjacket Union, Great Room

Facilitators: Katelyn Baumann and Anya Russom

Description: Through this session, participants will come to understand the benefits of expanding their course offerings and programs to include coordinated Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) and Study Away opportunities. We will explore the idea of international education through unique partnerships that provide faculty and students the chance to engage with a broad range of multicultural voices while also completing an intentionally designed and mutually beneficial AS-L project with a community partner. In this session, we will discuss the goals and framework for both AS-L and Study Away, provide examples of partnerships that are ongoing and in progress, discuss opportunities for student research and internships, take input from participants on how they might become more engaged, and expand upon other opportunities for those who want to include international voices in the classroom but are unable to travel. This session is open to all faculty and staff who wish to learn more about international education, AS-L, and their benefits to our students, faculty, institution and global community.


Session Option #2

This is a Room & Zoom dual session

Time: 11-11:50 a.m.

Attendance Location: Room & Zoom

"Using Mixed Modalities for Inclusive Programming"

Facilitator: Allison Garver


This session will share virtual events that Student Involvement & YAC offered in the past year and how we were able to engage with students that wouldn’t normally be able to attend our in-person events (distance learners, local students taking the bus, students with young children, etc). Utilizing technology can allow all of us to adapt workshops, student organization meetings, events, and programs to virtual or hybrid modes to allow all students the opportunity to participate live or afterward with examples of how our department plans to do that this coming year with our programs.

•    Tips on re-imagining in-person events in a virtual or hybrid format while determining the best format for events
•    Ideas for student organizations and programming departments to engage distance learners and others
•    Resources available to assist with virtual or hybrid programming and student org operations such as Zoom, Kahoot, ‘Jacket Hub


"Using Forage for Real-World Experiential Learning"

Facilitator: Heather Rickerl

Description: UW-Superior Career Services collaborates with Forage, an organization that partners with Fortune 500 companies to provide 5-6 hour virtual work experience programs for students. Students can sign up on their own, or Forage can set up a course page with a unique URL, and you can select which experience(s) from Forage’s ~100 programs your students complete.
Participants will take away:
•    An easy, free option for experiential learning that is accessible to all students who have an internet connection
•    A resource that helps your students learn, develop, and/or hone the skills demanded and required by employers
•    An opportunity for your students to connect with employers and connect their learning to occupations, both of which alumni say are important for their career development (National Alumni Career Mobility Survey, 2021)



Session Option #3

"Enhancing Course Design with Canvas Analytics"

This is a Room & Zoom session

Time: 11-11:50 a.m.

Attendance Location: Room & Zoom


Facilitators: Natasha Schumacher and Del Wright

Description: Are you taking advantage of Canvas courses' analytics? Join us to learn about the data that the tool "Analytics" provides in your course, and then how that information can be used to adjust your course design on the fly to support your students' learning styles. We'll also discuss how you can use a past course's analytics to improve your course design prior to an upcoming term.