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Laptops & Equipment

About the Collection

Forget your phone charger? The Public Services Desk has an assortment of commonly requested equipment available to you.

Circulation Policy

Patron Group Checkout Period Renewals
Undergraduate Students in-library use only not applicable
Graduate Students in-library use only not applicable
Faculty & Staff in-library use only not applicable
Community Users unavailable not applicable

Kodak PlayFull Video Cameras may be checked out by students and staff for three days—our only exception to the in-library use only rule. Online Students may ask us to ship video cameras to their home address. The loan period will be extended to account for the extra time necessary for shipping.

Feel Bright Lights

Ever wanted to try light therapy? The library provides access to Feel Bright Light visors, which aim to help you beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and related circadian rhythm problems.

Kodak Playfull Video Cameras

Need to film footage for a school project, but don't have a phone with a decent camera? These video cameras may be small, but they can get the job done.

Included in the box: video camera, SD card, SD card reader, charging cord, adapter, user guide, and file transfer directions.