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Barton Sutter Collection: Anthologies

Online finding aid for the Barton Sutter Collection, house in the UW-Superior Special Collections

Series 1: Anthologies

Physical Description: 1.5 linear feet (3 AB)
Processed by: Jillette Petersen

This series contains published anthologies that include Barton Sutter’s poetry and short stories. Topics range from family and friends to nature and the great outdoors. Many have a regional focus on the Midwest. These publications include some of Sutter’s best-known poems, such as Geneva, Shoe Shop, and Swedish Lesson. Also included are short stories such as You Ain’t Dead Yet and I Hate to See You Go: A Farmer’s Monologue. The materials in this series date from 1977 to the present.

Box #1:

Publication: Poets of Southwestern Minnesota
Year: 1977
Title: Beaverhouse Downriver, The

Publication: Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry
Year: 1982
Title: Shoe Shop              

Publication: Strong Measures: Contemporary American Poetry in Traditional Forms
Year: 1986
Title: Shoe Shop
Title: Swedish Lesson

Publication: Stiller’s Pond: New Fiction from the Upper Midwest
Year: 1988
Title: You Ain’t Dead Yet

Publication: Wapsipinicon Almanac
Year: 1988
Title: I Hate to See You Go: A Farmer’s Monologue

Publication: Common Ground: A Gathering of Poets from the 1986 Marshall Festival
Year: 1988
Title: Geneva
Title: Night Out
Title: Pine Creek Parish Hall
Title: What the Country Man Knows by Heart

Publication: Best of Crazyhorse: Thirty Years of Poetry and Fiction          
Year: 1990
Title: Telling Time in the Middle of Nowhere

Publication: Editor’s Choice III: Fiction, Poetry & Art from the U.S. Small Press (1984-1990)          
Year: 1991
Title: Shoe Shop              

Publication: A Song for Occupations                      
Year: 1991
Title: Night Shift: The Composing Room

Publication: Decade Dance, The
Year: 1991
Title: Geneva
Title: Shoe Shop
Title: Sky
Title: Stallion, The

Publication: Inheriting the Land: Contemporary Voices from the Midwest
Year: 1993
Title: Ice House

Box #2

Publication: Sixty Years of American Poetry: Celebrating the Anniversary of the Academy of American Poets
Year: 1996
Title: Geneva

Publication: Ringing in the Wilderness: Selections from the North County Anvil
Year: 1996
Title: Man Selling Pencils Outside the B. Dalton Bookstore, The

Publication: North Writers II: Our Place in the Woods
Year: 1997
Title: Postcards from Duluth

Publication: Southwest Minnesota: The Land and the People
Year: 2000
Title: What the Country Man Knows by Heart

Publication: Urban Nature: Poems About Wildlife in the City
Year: 2000
Title: Hoarfrost and Fog
Title: Peregrine

 Box #3

Publication: The Poetry Anthology, 1912-2002: Ninety Years of America's Most Distinguished Verse Magazine
Year: 2002
Title: Static

Publication: Eco-man: New Perspectives on Masculinity and Nature
Year: 2004
Title: Fishing the Mysteries

Publication: North Country Sampler: a Collection of Writing from Arrowhead Regional Artists of Minnesota
Year: 2005
Title: Little Shiver, A

Publication: Growing Season:  a Collection of Poems by Midwestern Poets
Year: 2006
Title: Berries, The

Publication: Where One Voice Ends Another Begins
Year: 2007
Title: Swedish Lesson
Title: Sweet Jesus
Title: Whistle Dance

Publication: Farming Words: The Harvest of Literature at a Prairie College
Year: 2007
Title: Flying the Flag
Title: Geneva
Title: God
Title: Not Sleeping at Bill Holm’s House
Title: Rose Hips
Title: Swedish Lesson
Title: Third Use of the Penis, The
Title: Work, The

Publication: Erotic Justice
Year: 2007
Title: Another Day I Stayed out of Jail
Title: Skin
Title: White Stalagmite
Title: Witch

Publication: Trail Guide to the Northland Experience in Prints and Poetry
Year: 2008
Title: Nothing Says North

Publication: From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright
Year: 2008
Title: Stallion, The

Publication: Wind Blows, the Ice Breaks: Poems of Loss and Renewal by Minnesota Poet
Year: 2010
Title: Apartments of the Dead

Publication: Nodin Poetry Anthology
Year: 2014
Title: Big Ideas

Publication: If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems
Year: 2016
Title: The Visitor
Title: Haiku

Publication: Cow Calls in Dalarna [single author]
Year: 2016
Title: Fäbod
Title: Helga Tells the Troll Dance
Title: Worksong
Title: Their instruments
Title: Mountain Medicines
Title: Cow Calls Dalana
Title: Solvig Says Bo Ring-around-the-Rosy
Title: Lisa Talks of Bedding Down
Title: How They Handled Alva’s Calf
Title: Hedda Left Behind
Title: They Scorn the Warnings
Title: Animal Spirits
Title: Helga Tells the Homecoming


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