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Online Learning Guide for Students

Serving Our Online Community

The library understands that our online students are faced with some very unique educational challenges. Our professional, friendly staff is here to help you to the best of our ability.

To better serve those students who cannot visit the physical library, we provide:

A Reference Librarian's Top Three Tips for Online Students

  1. Your work computer may not always work. Often times your work computer will have firewalls, which may prevent you from accessing the library’s databases and other electronic materials.
  2. Plan ahead. Although a lot of library resources are online or instantly available through the library website, we do not have access to everything. There may be a time when you need to request an item from another library. By planning ahead you guarantee you’ll receive your research materials in time.
  3. Use and check your UW-S email account. This is where all communication from the library and other UW-S departments will be sent.

Print and Electronic Resources

Online students enjoy access to the same resources as on campus students, including:

Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs are available for distance learning students. These virtual labs allow you to remotely connect to a computer on campus to access software, such as Adobe Suite, SPSS, GIS, Microsoft Office, or other programs that you may not have on your home computer. The virtual labs are managed by Tech Services. If you have trouble accessing them, please contact the Help Desk.

Click here to access available virtual lab computers.

If you are on a PC you will be able to connect by pressing Connect and then Download; when the file downloads, you will have to open and connect to the computer. If you are on a Mac or Chromebook you will have to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.