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Request Materials with Interlibrary Loan: Tutorial

Learn how to place an Interlibrary Loan request for materials not available in full text through any of Jim Dan Hill Library's subscription databases. Never pay for access to an article again!



In this video, we will explore requesting articles that are not immediately available in full text through the Jim Dan Hill Library.

Although the library grants access to many full text articles through our databases, some articles may only be available as citations.

You may even be asked to pay for access to the full text. Never pay for access! We can request these articles from other libraries on your behalf at no cost to you through our Interlibrary Loan service.
To place an Interlibrary Loan request for an article found in any library database, look for the "Find It" button.
You will be redirected to the library catalog. If the article cannot be found in another database, you will see a notice that there is no full text available.
Underneath the notice you should see a link to "Request a copy via Interlibrary Loan". Click on that link to proceed with your request.

On the next page you will be asked to log in with either your UWS username and password or your 16 digit barcode and last name.

The UWS username and password is often the easiest option, as it is the same set of credentials you use to access your email on campus.

Next, select your home institution.
Finally, enter your credentials and submit them.
On the next page you will see the details of the request you are about to submit.

To ensure timely delivery of the article, double check the accuracy of the information before you submit the request.

Once you have all the required information populated in the appropriate form, all you need to do is hit submit.
You will be given a notification that your request is awaiting copyright clearance.
You will receive an email when the article is delivered electronically.
Your Interlibrary Loan account may be accessed any time by hovering over the Login dropdown menu on the library homepage and selecting "Interlibrary Loan Account".
From the main menu, you can easily track your outstanding requests, electronically received articles, and checked out items.
Remember to download, print, or otherwise save these articles as soon as possible, as they will be deleted from our system after 30 days.
If you have any questions about requesting articles through Interlibrary Loan, please let us know by clicking on the Ask a Librarian link at the top of the library homepage, or by emailing us at

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