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Joseph T. Mengel, Jr. Collection: Series 3: Personal Philosophy

Scope & Content Note

Contains Joseph T. Mengel, Jr.'s writings on his personal philosophies and theories of the history of human development and thought.

Contents List

Box 5:

Folder 4: “Role of minerals in human affairs with reference to the causes of war and the requisite conditions for peace,” 1970

Folder 5: “A secular context: a must-know short story for today,” 2002

Folder 6: “The trajectory of Western thought: a tutorial,” 2005

Folder 7: “Some useful landscapes of the mind,” 2008

Folder 8: “Minerals in history,” n.d.

Folder 9: “As Uncle Joe sees it,” n.d.

Folder 10: “The way humans are situated,” n.d., pg. 1-100

Folder 11: “The way humans are situated,” n.d., pg. 101-191

Folder 12: “A Western history refresher,” n.d.

Sereis 3: Personal Philosophy

Physical Description: .25 linear feet (.5 AB)

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