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Library Liaison Program: Getting Started

Library Liaisons

Library Liaisons act as a bridge between the Library and academic departments. Each academic department is assigned a library liaison who works in partnership with the department to select library materials and develop services in support of learning, teaching, and research to further the overall academic mission.

What can your librarian do for you?

  • Serve as your first point of contact for information about library resources and services.
  • Purchase materials to support your curriculum and faculty research.
  • Attend department meetings to give presentations about library resurces and services.
  • Learn about department currica, course assignments and learning outcomes as they relate to the library.
  • Consult with you on your information needs and direct you to the best information resources.
  • Collaborate with you to create or update an existing subject guide for your students.
  • Assist your students with in-depth research questions through consultations.

How can you help the library?

  • Invite your liaison to meetings.
  • Share information about your program with the library.
  • Suggest materials for purchase.
  • Link to library resources in your D2L courses.
  • Schedule library instruction sessions with the Information Literacy Librarian, to help your students increase their success. Instructors may also schedule a classroom instruction session by using this online form.
  • Tell us if you have library related needs, concerns, and suggestions

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