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Library Instruction

Does your class need library instruction? Check out the information in this guide to work with a librarian.

Information Literacy Instruction

Instructors are invited to schedule an information literacy session, taught by a librarian, for their students. Each session is tailored to meet the unique requirements of a specific course assignment. Library instruction can be scheduled for the duration of class, a portion of class, and/or the librarian can collaborate on curriculum/assignments to help students become more information literate. Instruction may take place in the library's instruction lab in room 233 or in the class' assigned room.

To request library instruction please fill out the Faculty/Instructional Staff Library Instruction Request form.

The Information Literacy Librarian, Stephanie Warden, is available to answer questions, address concerns, or to set up an in-person consultation.

Library Instruction Policies


  • Please use the online form to schedule library instruction. Personal phone calls, emails, and in-person consultations with the Information Literacy Librarian are also acceptable, but not preferred.
  • Please request library instruction at least 3 weeks in advance of the date requested.
  • Library instruction must be scheduled during class time, not as an additional or extra credit opportunity. Instruction sessions scheduled for online students will be timed so that they impact the greatest number of students at once.

Instructor's Attendance:

  • The instructor must attend the library instruction sessions with the class, whether it is an in-person session or an online session.  Instructors always provide valuable input and comments during the session, and their presence will stress the importance of information literacy to the students. During "hands-on" segments of the class, the instructor may wish to assist the students.
  • In online classes, the instructor must promote and reinforce the value and importance of attending or reviewing recorded instruction sessions that are scheduled. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most effective involve the granting of points for students who complete an assignment or quiz given in conjunction with the instruction session.