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Intercultural Student Library Guide



The Jim Dan Hill Library and University of Wisconsin-Superior have many resources available. This webpage is for students of other cultures and countries to help them find and use the Library and other UW-Superior services. If you have any questions about the Library or how to use a service, e-mail


La Biblioteca Jim Dan Hill y la Universidad de Wisconsin-Superior tienen muchos recursos disponibles. Esta página web es para estudiantes de otras culturas y países para ayudarlos a encontrar y usar la biblioteca y otros servicios de UW-Superior. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre la Biblioteca o cómo usar un servicio, envíe un correo electrónico a


La bibliothèque Jim Dan Hill et l'Université du Wisconsin-Supérieur ont de nombreuses ressources disponibles. Cette page Web est destinée aux étudiants d'autres cultures et pays pour les aider à trouver et à utiliser la bibliothèque et d'autres services UW-Superior. Si vous avez des questions sur la bibliothèque ou sur l'utilisation d'un service, envoyez un e-mail à


Jim Dan Hill Library & the University of Wisconsin - Superior 有許多資源可以提供幫助。該網頁是為其他文化和國家的學生提供的,以幫助他們查找和使用圖書館和其他 UW-Superior 服務。如果您對圖書館或如何使用服務有任何疑問,請發送電子郵件至


ジムダンヒル図書館とウィスコンシン大学スペリア校には、役立つ多くのリソースがあります。このウェブページは他の文化や国の学生が図書館や他のウィスコンシン大学スペリア校のサービスを見つけて、使用するのをサポートするためのものです。図書館やサービスの使用方法についてご質問がある場合は、 にeメールでお問合わせください。

Library Terms in Different Languages

Below are links provided by the Association of College and Research Libraries. These links will help you become familiar with terms used in libraries, research, and technology.

Materials From All Over the World

Below is a link to a collection of our Library materials that are from different countries around the world. These books and moves are to be enjoyed when you are not busy studying. If you have any recommendations of materials to add to this collection, please let us know!

Academic Assistance

Below are some of the many resources that the Library and University of Wisconsin- Superior has to help you through your academic career.

Additional Assistance

Below are links to other resources that may be useful for learning the English language.