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Canvas Basics for UW-Superior Students

Information for students about using the Canvas learning management system.

Reasons You May Not See a Course in Canvas

If you’re having trouble finding a course in Canvas, the following steps can help you locate it:

First, contact your instructor to confirm that your course will be offered in Canvas and that it’s configured to be accessible to students.

  • Some UW-Superior classes are not offered in Canvas.
  • Canvas courses need to be Published by the course instructor in order for students to see it.
  • Canvas courses may be configured to allow students to view or participate in the course only after a specific date. Students may need to wait until the start date of the class in order to access the course in Canvas—or contact their instructor if they’re still unable to access it at that time.

If your instructor confirms your course is published to students in Canvas, check your All Courses list. Remember that the Canvas Dashboard is intended to show a subset of your favorite courses (starred on the All Courses page).

Canvas Student Guide: How do I use the Dashboard?

Note for Continuing Education Students

If this is your first time logging into Canvas, and you can’t locate your Continuing Education course, please ask your instructor to send your course invitation again.

Your Canvas account is not active until you log in for the first time. It is important to try logging into Canvas regardless of when your class will be available, because doing so will ensure you have an active Canvas account that staff can enroll in training courses or message via Canvas.

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