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Special Collections and Archives: Fees for Research & Reproductions

Research Fees

Archivists and other archives staff can conduct basic research for distance patrons. A research fee of $10.00 per half hour will be charged for research conducted by archives staff, including a minimum fee of $10.00 for the first half hour. This fee is for staff time, and is due regardless of whether or not the desired information is located. Each half-hour fee includes up to ten (10) standard-sized photocopies or scans at 300dpi. Additional photocopies or scans require additional charges.

Patrons may also visit the archives to conduct their own research at no charge. Please contact the archivist to schedule an appointment.

Photocopies and Scans

Copies or scans may be obtained for personal research at the following rates. Not all materials may be reproducible. Use of a cell phone may be acceptable upon consultation with the archivist.

Photocopies: b&w: $0.25 / page; color $0.40 / page

Scans of photographs and documents (standard sizes): $1.00 / scan at 300dpi

These prices apply to scans and photocopies of images and documents 11 x 17 inches or smaller. Scans of larger, non-standard sized materials are only available upon request. Oversized scans require an extra charge of $20.00 per item.

Scans from physical blueprints and other engineering drawings: $3.00 per square foot + $10.00 handling fee

Drawings that have already been digitized are subject to a $10 retrieval fee per sheet.


Scans are delivered via electronic transfer unless otherwise requested. Materials scanned to a CD will include an additional cost of $5.00 per CD, as well as any applicable shipping charges. 

All fees are based on current costs and are subject to change without notice.  (updated FY24)


Patrons seeking to use materials from our collection in any type of publication must obtain permission from the Special Collections for each item used, and credit UW-Superior Special Collections. "Publication" includes any public use, including in books, articles, social media or web pages, on a video/CD/DVD, in a PowerPoint presentation, etc.) as well as exhibit in a public space (including in a museum, business, office, etc.). A Permission Request Form must be submitted prior to use. We will then issue a Letter of Permission.

Please contact the archivist for the current fee schedule.

Additional Charges

Postage and handling: $5.00 for packages sent by mail

Sales tax: Orders from Wisconsin addresses are subject to sales tax

Copyright Restrictions

Some material may not be available for copying due to restrictions. All responsibility for copyright issues regarding reproducing and using reproductions must be assumed by the user. For any public use (including on a website, on a CD, in a video, in a PowerPoint presentation, etc.) or any public exhibit (including in a museum, business, office, etc.), a Permission Request Form must be submitted prior to use. We will then issue a Letter of Permission.

Payment Options

The Archives accepts cash, check, and money orders. All checks should be made out to Jim Dan Hill Library.

We are unable to accept credit or debit cards.

UW-Superior Students, Faculty, and Staff

Fees may be waived for UW-Superior students, faculty, and staff using archival materials for educational purposes. Contact the archivist for more information.