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Resource Sharing

Can't find what you need at the Jim Dan Hill Library? Request materials from other libraries.

What is Resource Sharing?

Resource Sharing (formerly known as Universal Borrowing) is a service that allows UW-Superior students, faculty, and  staff to access materials (books and multimedia) from all other UW System libraries. This is the fastest way to get materials not owned by the JDH Library.

Who May Order Resource Sharing Materials

Resource Sharing services are available to all UW-Superior students, staff, and faculty. Other patrons should contact their local public library for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services as an alternative.

How to Request Resource Sharing Materials

To find and request materials available from all libraries in the UW System:

  1. Go to the Online Catalog and perform a search for Books & Media (UW System).
  2. Search results will include materials available at Jim Dan Hill Library as well as from other libraries in the UW System. Materials that must be requested from other campuses are marked Use Get It to Request. As directed, select the Get It link tab.
  3. If you have not yet logged in to My Account, you will need to click the Sign-in for more options link and enter your UW-Superior username and password.
  4. In the Get It tab, click the UW Request link.
  5. The title should automatically be added to the request form. You may optionally add the author and/or volume number to clarify your request. This is important if, for example, you are placing a request for volume 5 in a set of 27 encyclopedias or volume 2 (Episode V) of the original Star Wars trilogy.
  6. Make sure the pickup/delivery location is set at the Jim Dan Hill Library.
  7. Click the Request button to send your request.

Resource Sharing Notification & Tracking

Notification will be issued via e-mail if/when:

  • The requested material is available on the hold shelf. Materials will usually be delivered to the Public Services Desk at the Jim Dan Hill Library within 2-4 days. Once an item has arrived on campus, an e-mail notice is automatically sent to the patron that it is ready for pick up. A valid campus ID will be required to check out these materials. Online students should reply to this notification email with a request to have the materials shipped to their home address.
  • The request has been cancelled. If the owning library does not have any copies available (copies are checked out, on reserve, or for in-library use only) or cannot otherwise fulfill the request, the patron will receive a notice of cancellation and be advised to try requesting the item through Interlibrary Loan.

Resource Sharing requests will appear in My Account after the request is submitted. They may be tracked under the Requests category until they are checked out, at which point they will be listed under the Loans category.

Renew Resource Sharing Materials

To renew UW System Resource Sharing items, please use the renew function in your My Account window.

Resource Sharing Restrictions & Borrowing Agreement

Loan and renewal policies for books and media will be similar to those of UW-Superior, but there may be variations. Be sure to double check your due dates on all materials.

Materials borrowed through Resource Sharing may not be placed on Reserve at the Public Services Desk.