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A general overview of what a LibGuide is

What Is a LibGuide?

LibGuides are a content management and information sharing system designed for libraries by SpringShare. LibGuides use online pages to help patrons perform various tasks, such as using library resources or doing research by gathering information about a particular subject or course of study, such as World Studies, Health and Human Performance, or library databases and other resources, into one location

Benefits of LibGuides

  • Core and relevant resources on specific topics or subjects can be organized into one page that is accessible at all times.
  • Patrons can be given a single URL that will take them directly to the guide. 
  • The needs of patrons with diverse learning styles can be met. 
  • Useful for patrons unable to make it to the library during the building's open hours.
  • Guides can pool resources to support patrons research.

Types of LibGuides


  • Formatted text, including hypertext, links, and other dynamic formats can be included. 
  • Bulleted lists of web links and regular lists can be created with a short description beneath the items. 
  • Items from the library catalog can be linked to from the LibGuides
  • An e-reserve list guide can be added to any LibGuide if a class has e-reserves.