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Collection Development

Goals, policies, and information on the development of the library's collections.


The purpose of the JDH Library Collection Development Policy is to establish the library's collection management objectives, to assign responsibility for development of the collections, to delineate methods by which the collections are developed, to describe the role of services providing access to information, and to provide for the maintenance of the collections.


The goals of collection management and development in the library are:

  1. To develop a collection which reflects present needs and anticipates those of the future. These resources will serve both the research and general needs of its primary users, the undergraduates, the graduate students, and the teaching and research staff.
  2. To provide collection management procedures which fulfill the needs of these primary users and the University staff.
  3. To provide for cost-effective acquisition and retrieval of resources.
  4. To avoid unnecessary duplication.
  5. To extend the availability of resources and services throughout the state and Twin Ports area economically by coordinating selection and acquisition with other institutions and agencies, and cooperating in the development of area, regional and state networks or systems.

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