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Dan Rau Collection: Series 8: Audiovisual

Contents List

Box 9:

Video (VHS) – L.L. SMITH, JR. – “L. L. Smith 26 minute trip”

Video (VHS) – L.L. SMITH, JR. – “10/94 The Smith Duluth – Washburn”

Video (VHS) – L.L. SMITH, JR. – “Venture North Program #2403: L.L. Smith & View from the Lake (10/2004)”

Video (VHS) – L.L. SMITH, JR. – “5 cylinder Kahlenberg 578-B5 on L.L. Smith, Jr.”

Video (VHS) – “The Little Daisy 1997 Survey, Bayfield, Wisconsin”

Video (VHS) – “Jane Stewart – Price Edward Island: Mesquite wreck”

Video (VHS) – “Jeff Pope, Shiela (sic) Yeats”

Video (VHS) – “? Sundew buoy placement?”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – “Harry Goldish”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – “John Koss (2 tapes)”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – “Sam Rude”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – “Stan Sivertson, 3/18/88”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – “Raguvald Sve”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – “Lake Superior Recreation Report”

Sound recording (cassette tape) – Unlabeled (2 tapes)

Series 8: Audiovisual

Physical Description: 0.5 linear feet (1 AB)

Processed by: Shana Aue