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Reference Services: Getting Started

What are Reference Services?

Reference Services are assistance that will help you find the information you need. Professional librarians can help you find particular information, suggest sources on a topic, help with search terms, or consult with you in other ways to help you learn more about how to find information.

You can use Reference assistance at the beginning of a project when you are trying to get started, later when you might be wondering if there are additional sources, or anytime you need to find information. You can consult with a Reference Librarian when you are not finding what you want, when you want to learn more about where to look, or to supplement what you have already found.

Where Can I find Reference Services?

When you are at the library, ask for help at the Circulation Desk. It is the first desk you see when you walk into the library. The staff member will direct you to an available librarian.

When you are at home, give us a call at 715-394-8343 or

When are Reference Services Available?

Reference Librarians are available from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Hours may vary during holiday breaks.

Reference services by appointment is available if the above times don't fit your schedule. Just ask us! Appointments can also be used for extended consultations or learning sessions.

Email, and we'll get back to you with help as soon as we can (the same day or the next business day). 

Who Are Your Reference Librarians?

Emily Moran, Hanna Paquette, Natasha Schumacher, and Stephanie Warden are the Reference Librarians for JDH library. All hold Masters degrees in Library Science.

In addition to Reference Services, each librarian takes part in developing the collection of materials and online resources available through the library and the learning opportunities the library offers.