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Jim Dan Hill Library Mystery: About

Clues Are Coming!

Look for clues released on our social media pages in in the actual Jim Dan Hill display across from the circulation desk on Monday the 2nd, Monday the 9th, Monday the 16th, and Monday the 23rd. Be sure the visit this page after the 23rd to submit your guess!

Mystery is HERE!


Each week during the month of October we'll highlight clues that will enable you to solve the mystery. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to interpret the clues as they become available. At the end of the month an online form will become available in which you can submit your answers. Those who correctly deduce the perpetrator of the dastardly deed will be eligible for the grand prize drawing - a $45 gift card to Kwik Trip!


NOTE: The prize amount had to be reduced due to unforeseen circumstances. The amount is still set at a respectable $45, though!


Don't miss out on any clues! Like our Facebook or Twitter pages to stay on top of the mysterious developments!


What is this event?

This is a month-long tribute to "whodunnits." One of the librarians is an avid watcher of mystery television and movies, so to share the love we have engineered this evolving mystery for students to solve. Throughout the month of October new clues will debut weekly in our Jim Dan Hill display. At the end of the month you will be given an opportunity to submit your guess, along with your reasoning, for who is behind the criminal conduct. Those who answer correctly will be entered into a drawing for a $45 Kwik Trip gift card.


When is this event?

This event will take place throughout the month of October, with the first clues debuting Monday, October 2nd, and new clues debuting Monday of each week. The form for submitting your answers will become available after the last clues debut on Monday, October 23rd, and will remain open until 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 29th.


Who can participate?

This event is for students - only current students at UWS may participate. If you are not a student and would just like to play along, follow one of our social media accounts. We will release the identity of the perpetrator along with an explanation of the clues there Tuesday, October 31st.


Who is the perpetrator?

Nice try, FAQs. You have to get up pretty early to fool me!


Fine. Who is hosting this event?

Why, the fabulous folk at the Jim Dan Hill Library, of course! Feel free to talk to any of us about the event, or just in general!


Where is the event?

The physical location is in the library, but if you cannot make it to our physical location you can still play along by watching for clues on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.


Why this event?

Aside from one particular librarian's fascination with Murder, She Wrote, the idea is to see how people process the clues. While there will be a variety of clues, four in particular deal with using skills that are important for library research. We would like to see how well our library instruction program and reference outreach are teaching these skills, and this seems like a much more entertaining way to do that, rather than the alternative, which is to beg people to take a survey.