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End of Course Checklist

End of Course Checklist

At the end of the semester, please complete the following steps in each of your Canvas courses.

  1. Update your course’s participation settings and “conclude” your course.
  2. Verify your Canvas gradebook (if you’re using graded Canvas assignments) and submit your final grades in eHive.
  3. Grant specific students extended course access.
  4. View course My Media videos.
  5. Export and backup your course design.


These steps are drawn from the Canvas End-of-Course checklist and frequently asked questions about Canvas courses. Email us at if you have any questions.

If you’re looking for next semester’s Canvas courses, scheduled classes will be automatically created in Canvas 50 days before the official class start date.

Step 1: Update Course Participation Settings

Please set an End date on your Canvas courses’ Course Details page (Settings > Course Details) if you configured a course Start date.

This step will “conclude” your Canvas courses at the correct time and makes Canvas easier to navigate for students. This blog post about Canvas Course Participation Settings explains how to set dates for course participation.

Step 2: Verify and Finalize Grades

If you’re using graded assignnments in Canvas, review your gradebook to make sure all grades are assigned, calculated correctly, and align with the UW-Superior grading scheme:

  • Verify your gradebook matches the grading policies in your syllabus
  • Review your grading scheme
  • Include or exclude each assignment from your Gradebook
  • Grade all assignments for all students. Fill in zeros for all missing required assignments.
  • Remove any extra columns in your gradebook using the Assignments tool. This usually means removing duplicate assignments and assignments that were never published.
  • Review how your total grades are calculated

When you’re ready, please submit final grades in eHive. Export your gradebook if you want to download and backup a CSV file of your final grades outside of Canvas.

Step 3: Extend Course Access

Do any of your students need to continue working in your Canvas course? For example, are any students taking an Incomplete grade, and still need to complete coursework?

Instructors can grant specific enrolled students longer access to a Canvas course by using the Extend Student Access tool. This tool is available on the top right of the course homepage, or at the bottom when viewing Canvas in a small browser window.

Visit this page for more information about using the Extend Student Access tool in your Canvas course.

Step 4: View Kaltura My Media Videos

Unplayed Kaltura My Media items (audio and video) are automatically deactivated after two years and completely deleted after four years. Now a good time to view any of your course media that needs to be saved for upcoming terms. We recommend downloading and backing up any items that won’t be played at least once a year.

To count as played, any user must have played that item for at least 10 seconds.

Step 5: Export and Backup Course Content

Use the Export Course Content tool in Settings to save an export of your course outside of Canvas. You can backup this file for your records or to use when setting up future courses.

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