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Spring 2022 Enhancement Day

Welcome and Keynote

Equity Minded Pedagogy

9:00 - 9:50 AM

Zoom Access Link:

Meeting ID: 858 5481 1555; passcode: clic


Opening Remarks & Student Keynote Panel

Six UW-Superior students will share their experiences and points of view on equity-minded practices at UW-Superior in a structured Q&A with facilitators Professors Mary Lee-Nichols and Jamie White-Farnham.

The students are being paid for their time and expertise out of funding on equity-minded work from UW-System. They also helped shape this panel and write the questions for discussion. We welcome and are very grateful for the participation of:

  • Grey Fields
  • Angelina Jarvela
  • Jared Janczak
  • Nick Reberg
  • Lakota Villamayor
  • Malita Villamayor


The Student Keynote Panel will feature students who have an interest in sharing their equity experiences at UW-Superior; the format will be a Q&A with the questions having been suggested by the students to offer their thoughts and opinions. Topics include: teaching practices that encourage equity & understanding, how they develop relationships with their instructors, how their backgrounds and experiences affect their college experience, their perception of how topics of racial justice, mental health and others are handled at UW-Superior.

Some information on how the panel came together: Members of the CLIC Advisory board suggested student voices be a part of Enhancement Day. Working with EDI staff, the CLIC director wrote a call for participation and arranged with Student Employment to offer this opportunity as a paid experience for students, so as not to exploit their experiences or devalue their time. The call was shared widely through Student Affairs, EDI, and the Student Digest. The CLIC director met with the students to help shape the panel and the questions. We appreciate the many voices of staff and students who are bringing this idea for our Enhancement Day keynote to life.