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MINDS@UW Superior

MINDS@UW is designed to store, index, distribute, and preserve the digital materials of the University of Wisconsin.

Submission Instructions

Students and faculty advisors submit student theses and supporting materials to the MINDS librarian using Learn@UW. Here's how:

  1. Fill out and submit the Grant of Permission Form. This provides official authorization for Jim Dan Hill Library, University of Wisconsin - Superior, acting on behalf of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, to digitize and distribute your work through MINDS@UW.
  1. Complete the Approval Page. You will need to obtain signatures from the appropriate people in your department. You may alter the approval page to fit your department's needs. Please scan this page and be prepared to submit it as a PDF document.
  1. Complete the Metadata Page. The information you provide on this page will determine how the record for your work looks when it has been added to MINDS@UW. Please be prepared to submit it as a Word document.
  1. Format your thesis for submission. All thesis papers should be submitted in PDF form. If you need to submit a video presentation rather than a paper, let Nichole Chisholm know. She'll work with you to make sure the file is in the correct format.
  2. Submit your Approval Page, Metadata Page, and Thesis to your MINDS@UW-Superior D2L dropbox. If you are unsure of how to do this, please follow the instructions on this page entitled "How to Submit Your Thesis to MINDS Through Learn@UW-Superior." Documents may be submitted by the student or their faculty advisor.
  3. Relax and wait for an email confirmation that your thesis has been published in MINDS!

How to Submit Your Thesis to MINDS Through Learn@UW-Superior


If you are completing your thesis this semester, or if you are a faculty advisor for a student who is completing their thesis this semester, you should see a MINDS@UW-Superior link when you log in to Learn@UW-Superior. If you do not see this link, contact Nichole Chisholm as soon as possible.

When you click on the MINDS@UW-Superior link, you will see a D2L environment very similar to those you use for classes. You will see instructions on submitting your thesis for publication in MINDS - review them if necessary. You will submit your thesis, Metadata Page, and Approval Page through the Dropbox.
There are two folders in the Dropbox: one for your Thesis and Metadata Page, and one for your Approval Page. The student or their faculty advisor can submit to either of these folders - whatever is easiest.
Upload materials to the Dropbox just as you would for class: by uploading files, or by dragging and dropping. Then hit Add.
Once you have added your files, hit Submit. Repeat this process for both the Thesis and Metadata Page folder and the Approval Page folder. You're done! You will be contacted when your thesis has been successfully published in MINDS.