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Distance Learning Guide for Instructors

EZproxy and You: Accessing Restricted Resources Remotely

The library provides access to many online resources through our databases subscriptions and other purchases. Many of these resources require some form of authentication. Users accessing resources from on campus are typically recognized as authorized users via the network connection, but remote (off-campus) users will need to be authorized via a login screen triggered by our EZproxy authentication software. This software is triggered when a special prefix "proxy URL" is added before the URL of a library resource.

You will not be able to access restricted resources remotely (off-campus) without using the proxy URL.

EZproxy URL

Prefix this URL to the URL of a subscription database, full-text article, ebook, or streaming video in order to enable remote (off-campus) access to that resource.

EZproxy Example

Let's say you want to share the following ebook link:

If you accessed this link without the proxy URL from on campus, you would see this page without any trouble.

On the other hand, if you accessed this link without the proxy URL from off campus, you would run into an authorization error.

All you need to do is at the proxy URL to the front of the ebook link and you will be allowed in to confirm access rights from off campus.

Once you've logged in with your UW-S username and password, the proxy will preserve your authorization as it forwards you to the page you want to access and as you continue to browse.


Are you or your students seeing error messages when you try to access library resources remotely using the EZproxy? Visit the error message troubleshooting page for some tips before contacting a librarian.