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Caption Assistance Program: CAP

Changes coming to the Caption Assist Program

Canvas Change: Kaltura/MyMedia Auto-Captions Begin Dec 1st

UW-System has announced that Kaltura/MyMedia in Canvas will automatically add machine-generated captions by default to all new Kaltura videos added after the December 2021 start date. 

A few things to know:

  • The change will not affect videos created in Kaltura prior to Dec 1, 2021
  • Until then, you can still request captions to be added to your current or older videos by using the request form on this page.
  • After Dec 1st, if you are worried the auto-captions will not be 100% correct, request Caption Editing by our CLIC Caption Assistants here.

Please Note: Auto-captions are also called Machine captions and are rarely more than 80-90% accurate.


• Collaboration between Tech Services and CLIC: 1-time funding to support captioning efforts

• Student workers hired & trained to create & edit captions for instructor-created content within Canvas, on-demand for instructors


• Fill out the request form on this page.

• A student worker will be assigned & communicate with you on next steps

• Your video is captioned within 1-3 days (depending on length, number of videos, etc.)


• Increased ease and accessibility for students’ watching needs

• To reduce instructors’ workload in preparing online course materials


Will the student worker need access to my course?
No – students will have access only to the videos you identify within Canvas MyMedia

Do I have to use Canvas MyMedia?
Yes – although you can make the video with any tool, it will need to be uploaded to Canvas MyMedia for captioning and editing in this process.

Thank you to the many hands who made this project possible on short notice, including Student Employment, Tech Services, our CLIC/Library staff & student workers, and instructors Lorena Rios Mendoza and Nate LaCoursiere for being our test-users of this service.