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How to Get Help Using Canvas

Available Support Options

There are two support options available to UW-Superior instructors and staff that need help using Canvas.Screenshot Showing Canvas Support Links

Option #1: Canvas Support

If you need basic assistance using Canvas, we recommend starting with Canvas Support, which you can access from the Help menu in Canvas. You can access Canvas Support 24/7/365 via chat, email, or phone. We recommend using the chat option for a couple of reasons:

  1. Canvas Support will be able to note your current Canvas login. This will make it easier for Canvas Support staff to locate your courses in Canvas and confirm details about your user account as necessary.
  2. You won’t need to wait on the phone if there is a queue line for support. The chat feature will notify you if there is a wait for support and where you are in the line.
  3. The Chat option will produce a downloadable transcript of your interaction with Canvas Support. This can be useful for your records, or if you need to request additional assistance from UW-Superior staff.

Option #2: UW-Superior Instructional Support Form

If you need assistance designing your course in Canvas or deciding how to best utilize the Canvas tools available, please reach out to our Instructional Support Team via this online form. We will respond as soon as possible or schedule a consultation appointment as needed.

Our instructional support form is also useful if you have questions about the larger Digital Learning Environment, including Kaltura and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Documentation for Canvas and the Digital Learning Environment

If you’d like to reference and review documentation about Canvas and the Digital Learning Environment, you can do so via the links below.

  • Canvas Instructor Guide: Instructure maintains this directory of Canvas documentation pages and updates it frequently. Some details will differ from how our Canvas system is configured. Also, if you’d like to share similar information with your students, please link to the Canvas Student Guide instead of the Canvas Instructor Guide.
  • Digital Learning Environment Knowledgebase: UW System maintains this directory of documentation pages pertaining to our specific Canvas instance, Kaltura MyMedia, and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Helpful Information

When contacting either Canvas Support or our CLIC Instructional Support team, please be ready to provide the following information.

Canvas Course Details

If you need assistance with a particular Canvas course, please be ready to share a link to that Canvas course’s homepage. You can easily find this information by navigating to your course in your browser and then copying the web address shown in your browser’s address bar.

Provide A Screenshot

Whenever possible, please include a screenshot with your support request. It's simple to create and share screenshots using a Windows or Mac computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

However, it’s important that you share a screenshot of your entire browser window, because doing so will show support staff a number of useful details, including:

  • The URL of the current Canvas course shown in your screenshot
    Note: This URL is unique to each Canvas system and will point support staff to a particular location in Canvas.
  • Your current operating system and browser
  • Your active browser extensions
  • Any pending browser notifications or alerts

If you have the ability to record your screen and share this information as a MyMedia video or GIF, that can be helpful as well. If you need assistance creating a screenshot, please reach out to the Technology Help Desk.