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Access Electronic Resources from Off Campus: Login Required

Due to vendor licensing restrictions, many electronic resources require a valid UW-Superior Campus Network Account login in order access them from off campus. Learn how to login and troubleshoot common access issues.

Login with UW-Superior Campus Network Account

The library provides access to many electronic resources online through our databases subscriptions and other purchases. Many of these resources require some form of authentication to prove affiliation with a subscribing institution.

Users accessing resources from on campus are typically recognized as authorized users automatically. No login is required.

Off campus users, on the other hand, need to be authorized for access by our EZproxy authentication software.

Clicking a link to an electronic resource from off campus should trigger the EZproxy login page, which will ask you to login with your UW-Superior Campus Network Account.

Your username and password are the same you use when accessing your Email, E-Hive, and Learn@UW-Superior services.

Once you login, you should be forwarded on to whatever electronic resource you were trying to access.

How to Trigger the Login Page

The library's EZproxy authentication software is triggered when the designated Proxy URL is prefixed to the permalink of a library resource.

Proxy URL:

Add this URL to the permalink of a database, full-text article, e-book, or streaming video to enable remote access to that resource.


The login screen you should see when you try to access electronic resources from off campus.